Benefits of Membership in KMMA

KMMA Membership Meetings happen twice a year, during the Kansas Music Educators Association In-Service Workshop in February and during the Kansas Bandmaster Association Convention in July.

We hold the election of officers during the July Meeting at the KBA Convention.

Officers hold a one year term.

Active Membership is open to all businesses engaged in Musical Instrument Retail in the State of Kansas. 

Affiliate Membership is open to any business interested in supporting the Associations interest. Affiliate Membership is subject to the approval of the Active Members.

For information about joining KMMA, please contact one of the officers listed on the Leadership page.

Keep your dollars in kansas

KMMA Message to Kansas Music Educators:

By spending your dollars at a Kansas Music Store you are funding your School Music Program. Local businesses pay Property Tax, Income Tax, State and Local Sales tax that help fund Kansas Schools. When you buy from businesses outside of Kansas, that money disappears, never to return…